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Manually managing PPC for qualifying Amazon brands.

Hands-on management for effectively and rapidly

scaling your Amazon business.


We know your numbers.


Knowledge is the cornerstone of building a successful PPC campaign. Our experts do preliminary research on your brand and products. We assess the complete competitive market in addition to targeting specific competitors for important data collection. Most importantly, we do extensive and methodical keyword research. With quantitative and qualitative data, we hit the ground running.

PPC success is:

20% budget - 80% strategy.
With this mindset, we use our expert knowledge and data-driven conclusions to set up your campaigns. We take the time to clearly understand your target market and revenue goals. Want to decrease ACoS? Decrease TACos? Increase sales? Improve keyword ranking? We specifically craft your ad campaign to meet your needs.

Campaign Setup and Management
We assign an expert account manager for each account so that he is intimately familiar with your brand and ad campaigns.  We monitor your campaigns closely to see if bids need to be increased or decreased and constantly eliminate poor-performing keywords to ensure we maximize your ROI.  We ensure your products show up in the most relevant searches, reducing cost per bid and increasing the chance of driving conversions.

Growth Obsessed
We are obsessed with numbers.

At IG PPC, we take a holistic approach to understand the health of your business. Unlike most agencies, we manually optimize your account on a weekly basis to eliminate wasted expenditures. Nothing beats our focus on driving more sales while decreasing Ad spending. Your bottom line is the metric of our success.

Transparency is key to our company's success. Transparency means reporting All results- regardless of what they are. All results are meaningful. We provide monthly, in-depth reports to keep you informed and up-to-date on the progression and effectiveness of your Amazon PPC campaigns.

No automation. No outsourcing to VAs. No shortcuts.

We don't mess with your trust. 


We speak numbers.
Recent screenshots of clients' accounts.


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As a long-time Amazon seller, after his successful exit, Isaac's mission is helping others with their PPC. His deep understanding of the Amazon algorithm undoubtedly gives our clients an unfair advantage.

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David Reich

Senior Account Manager

David's methodical and data-driven approach makes him king in Amazon PPC. His extensive training in marketing and data analytics plays a key role in his successful career. We are proud to have him on our team.

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Software Developer

Although we manage PPC manually, we do have software that helps us manipulate data to optimize campaigns for perfect performance. Rakesh is a key player in developing the proprietary software of IGppc Management. 

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